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Massage Professional:

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Massage Professional

    2. Course Overview

    3. Basic Principles For Beginners

    4. Equipment Advice For Beginners

    5. Course Feedback & Questions

    1. The eBooks

    1. Course Photo Notes - Make Your Own Workbooks

    1. Introduction to Medical Contraindications For Massage

    2. Total Contraindications

    3. Medical Permission Contraindications

    4. Local Contraindications:

    5. Special Warnings For Certain Conditions and Further Considerations

    6. Always and Never: Massage Safety Essentials

    7. Quiz: Health and Safety

    8. Additional Massage Health and Safety Resources

    1. The Necessity of Consultations

    1. How to Get CTAA Certificates

    2. Instructions For Getting Each Individual CTAA Certificate

    3. You Might Not Get a Certificate If....

About this Course

  • 155 lessons
  • 28.5 hours of video content

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