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Massage Professional:

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Massage Professional

    2. Course Overview

    3. Basic Principles For Beginners

    4. Equipment Advice For Beginners

    5. Course Feedback & Questions

    1. The eBooks

    1. Course Photo Notes - Make Your Own Workbooks

    1. Always and Never: Massage Safety Essentials

    2. Introduction to Medical Contraindications For Massage

    3. Total Contraindications

    4. Medical Permission Contraindications

    5. Local Contraindications:

    6. Special Warnings For Certain Conditions and Further Considerations

    7. Quiz: Health and Safety

    8. Additional Massage Health and Safety Resources

    1. The Necessity of Consultations

    1. How to Get IPHM / CTAA Certificates

    2. Instructions For Getting Each Individual IPHM / CTAA Certificate

    3. You Might Not Get a Certificate If....

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  • 175 lessons
  • 33.5 hours of video content

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