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Optional Pro Certification

We offer 16 fully-accredited IPHM & CTAA certificates that are insurable in the UK, Europe and other countries.

The certification procedure is included in the course price: there are no hidden fees.

Proof of 10 practice treatments is required for each massage and treatment plans are provided.

Once certified, all you will need is insurance, and then you can before work as a professional.

  • Swedish Full-Body & Hawaiian Lomilomi (2 certificates)

  • Thai Yoga, Rhythmic Thai, Tok Sen & Thai Deep-Tissue (4 certificates)

  • Indian Head & Deep Scalp (2 certificates)

  • Deep Tissue, Hot Stone & G5 (3 certificates)

  • Chair Massage & Zen Shiatsu (Practical) (2 certificates)

  • Hand & Foot Massage (Basic) (1 certificate)

  • Sound Therapy & International Fusion Massage (2 certificates)

These Massage Certificates Are Widely Recognised

A Few Examples of Insurances Companies You Can Use

Achieve Your Ambitions

Become the very best massage therapist in your area.

Turn first-time clients into lifelong clients; spend less time marketing.

Get endless referrals, earn more money and help more people to heal.

Create a comfortable, interesting and very rewarding lifestyle.

Comprehensive & Flexible

21+ hours of videos, featuring beautiful locations and close-up shots.

Narrated real-time demonstrations featuring detailed instructions.

Enjoy the soundtracks or play your own music with 'no-music' versions.

Lifetime access: learn in your own time and at your own pace.

Interactive & Supported

Print out photo notebooks and make your own notes as you watch.

Revise what you've learned and test yourself with quiz questions.

Employ your knowledge and get feedback on your practice treatments.

Utilize lifetime email support from the course creators: Brad & Pete.

Dry Massages

Learn the euphoric stretches and acupressure techniques of a 90-minute Traditional Thai Massage.

As well as the mesmerizing, gentle movements of Rhythmic Thai Massage.

Utilize the slow, hypnotising pressure and sensitivity of a simple and practical type of Zen Shiatsu.

Oil Massages

Learn a classical Swedish full-body routine; this is the world's most famous massage.

Embrace the mesmerizing movements of the ocean with an exotic Hawaiian lomilomi massage.

Then go deeper with simple variations of deep tissue and remedial/sports treatments.

Alleviate tension from all areas of the body with an extremely precise physiotherapy technique.

Deep & Effortless Thai

Learn how to target and relieve more muscle tension using innovative body-weight techniques.

Avoid the strain of the repetitive, exhausting movements and strains found in most massages.

Become capable of working many more hours and provide greatly enhanced therapeutic value.

Avoid a career burnout because of exhaustion or injuries.

Indian Head, Deep Scalp,
Hand & Foot

Focus on the most sensitive areas of the body.

Give a complete hand and foot massage.

Master the famous ayurvedic Indian Head Massage.

And then go further with a Deep Scalp treatment.

Massage Tools

Upgrade all your oil treatments by integrating hot stones.

Employ advanced massage technology with the G5 massage gun.

Utilize a rarely-known ancient Asian hammering tool: Tok Sen.

Perform chair treatments - perfect for providing corporate services.

Sound Therapy Course

Learn how to utilize Tibetan singing bowls.

Give an effective full-body treatment using three bowls.

Vibrate deep inside body tissues through the healing power of sound.

Give a stand-alone treatment or enrich your massages with sound.

Master Fusion Massage

Don't be limited by routine - like many therapists.

Truly advanced massage is an art of personalization.

Embrace your creativity and blend international traditions together.

Begin crafting unique and one-of-a-kind Fusion Massages.

Five eBooks

Expand your understanding with our course companion eBooks.

Transform any massage into an Aromatherapy treatment.

Use our Freelance & Spa Marketing guides to optimize your business.

Reading these books is optional: you can just use the videos.

For Whom is This Course?

It's suitable for ambitious beginners & advanced professionals.

We start from the very beginning: no previous experience is needed.

Just choose which methods and skills you want to learn and develop.

An 'all-in-one' career package, developing you into a first-class therapist.


You will need an internet connection to stream the videos.

Some techniques need massage tables, but many require nothing.

English Subtitles are provided.

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''Most online courses are empty - but not yours!''

- Arno L'Hermite, Osteopath and Founder of the World-Famous 'OsteoThai' School & Thai Massage Circus

Student Testimonials

by Demi Jay

wow, wow ,wow , wow... thankyou sooo much for your beautiful course honestly this is the best money i have ever spent for an amazing price and i can i just say bradley that you have this most gorgeous aura about you which i could just watch you all day !! so gentle and i can see how much love you guys both put into this you've made me a very happy girl & im now becoming a pro massage therapist so thankyou!! trust me get this course you wont be dissapointed... xx

Staci Ellen

Absolutely flawless course material. These videos should be part of all massage school curriculum. Such great energy and awesome educational opportunity I wouldnt have been able to access if not for Ebodhi creating a pathway to global massage techniques. So much gratitude as I couldnt travel to all the trainings myself with a child and the cost of CE was too much. This course makes higher learning accessible for all income levels and life situations! Many blessings to Ebodhi.

Ary Pizarro-Chong

This massage course is excellent, and you get far more than you bargained for! You can do the routines on your clients exactly as it is shown on the videos. The great thing about learning from videos is you can watch them over and over again! When you're learning, you can do your massage, and after the session go back to the video to see what you've missed or done wrong. The certificates and membership that you can apply for allow potential clients know you've gone through thorough training. This massage course is comprehensive! It allows you learn about a variety of styles! I highly recommend this course! Hand down the best in the business in my humble opinion!

Pamela Jayne (Holistically Yours, France)

I have now completed my second massage course with Ebodhi. I feel that the videos are explanatory and attentive to details. Brad and Pete are excellent communicators and answer my questions in a clear and concise way. Their advice and written content is clear and practical. I think the fact they ask for client feedback to be submitted is quite important as they get a fair assessment of how the massage therapist works with the client. I hope to do more courses over time with ebodhi.

Dharana Shakti

I enrolled in Ebodhi Massage Professional Course 5 years ago and I still refer back to this course on occasion. The instructions are clear, and the sessions are well presented. Bradley and Pete are easy to communicate with. They answered my questions and were able to offer some great information...

Tommy Houck

Detailed and informative lectures. I have been in the fitness industry for almost two decades. Over that time I have sat in many seminars for continuing ed. Ebodhi created some very enjoyable, easy to follow content. I am very excited to bring this knowledge to clients and further my massage education.

Cristina Rusu

Perfect place to learn on a deep level - I have purchased many massage therapy courses from ebodhi, and all of them are rich and very detailed, I can follow easy each step and learn all the techniques while watching over and over the video also the pdf files contains lot of important valuable information, these course made my learning journey very smooth and interesting, definitely recommend to all those who want to learn about thai massage therapy on a deep level. Thank you Ebodhi!<3 <3 <3


In the past i've attended many courses on massage, but with this one I've been learning so much more than just the practical side of massage. Ebodhi has truly provided a well rounded, caring and professional course to be enjoyed by all. In addition to the course, they are prompt in responding to questions via email, with great advice and suggestions and guidance. Would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in massage therapy.

Miranda Mishaa

Dear Team Ebodhi <3 I'm still following the course and doing it with alot of love. Each time I learn new techniques I feel blessed even more, to be able to find this course and purchase it. This course is put together with alot of love and passion as one can feel it if one chooses to really tune into the courses. I love how we can always go back to the video tutorials and have the book by hand. This course is a blessing ! Thank you Team! Really grateful for all the energy you have put into this! <3

Oliver Thorogood

Amazing course. Have learned so much and been inspired to learn things I wouldn't have even thought of. For the price it's a no brainer. So easy to follow and learn with, I have only just started to learn and it's perfect. So lovely to watch too with great settings and lovely music. Love these guys so much.

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