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For Beginners, Couples & Professionals.
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Create Original Fusion Massages.
Detailed Aromatherapy Book.
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Absorb powerful skills, with ancient and modern methods from around the globe at your fingertips.

Then, blend the traditions and personalize massages to suit the time, place and person.

Improve physical health, strengthen social relationships and indulge in the benefits of deep relaxation.

Learn to share mesmerizing feelings of well-being, relief and tranquillity.

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14 Treatments
Explained & Demonstrated
From Start to Finish

An Opportunity to Gain
up to 11 CTAA Certificates.

Beginners & Couples

We start from the very basics, inviting you to pick and choose what and when to learn, according to personal interests. Enrich your relationships with exotic techniques, from the fluid forearm strokes of Hawaiian lomilomi to the peaceful pressure of Zen Shiatsu. With 3 eBooks and 14 hours of videos to dip into, you can decide how far you would like to take your new skill set.


This is an immensely profitable resource that can save thousands of dollars in education costs. Ambitious learners will stand out from the competition with the diversity of a complete international skill set; dedicated e-books unlock the power of 52 essential oils and explain how to supercharge your business and marketing strategies for a rewarding career.

Excellent! I have just finished this course and it was absolutely worth the time and money. I believe it can be valuable for professionals who wish to expand their portfolio as well as to dedicated non-professionals who want to learn various technics. I’m not a professional massage therapist, but I’m a medical doctor /definitely thumbs up for the anatomical depictions of the muscles/ and have done several massage courses on Udemy before – this one was definitely the most comprehensive. It’s very well explained, offering a wide range of technics – separately and also beatifully blended together, with great camera, nice music and surroundings. If you are looking for a massage course online, stop searching and start learning.

I just started this course and I already love this!! Comprehensive massage techniques and fast paced beautiful Videos.

Totally worth the money!!!! Very in-depth and comprehensive course! (The massage school in my country doesn’t teach half the material presented in this course).

I love how the mention the name of certain muscles and how the illustrate a pic for reference! I absolutely love this course so much! It’s very informative and that masseuse is such a Pro!

13 hours long course with very well explained detailed techniques with camera close ups of the hands allows a very efficient approach of hand and finger pressure as well! For my point of view this is the best massage course available in udemy! A++


– Udemy user reviews


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